Self-Improvement Resources

Take School Outside

  • 30 P.E. classes and resources

  • Take a daily walk in your neighborhood. For fun, learn to recognize the trees along your route. Cal Poly’s Urban Tree Key website will help you easily identify more than 250 common California species.
  • Play at your nearest park with members of your immediate household. Remember to maintain six-foot social distancing from other families. All Milpitas playgrounds, tennis and basketball courts are closed during the shelter-in-place.
  • Ride a bike path alone or with your immediate household. You can also skate, scooter or skateboard, but remember to call out to others when you approach from behind, so you can keep a six-foot distance.
  • Chalk your walk, driveway, patio, or concrete deck. Use sidewalk chalk, or for more vibrant pictures, chalk pastels. (Do not use oil pastels.) Share a picture of your masterpiece by tagging #MilpitasVCC or email a jpeg to for possible inclusion in our virtual Phantom Art Gallery.
  • Take up bird watching in your own yard or neighborhood. Take notes or photos of the birds you see, and later use Cornell University’s All About Birds website to try and identify any unfamiliar species.
  • Play with your dog. Try a new backyard game.
  • Play yard dice games. Don’t have yard dice? Make your own from all the boxes you had delivered.
  • Give your yard a spring make-over. Here are some DIY water conservation landscaping tips from Valley Water.