Music and Dance Activities led by your favorite Milpitas Instructors

  • Little Stars Learning Academy: Free virtual Meet-Up and Power Bodies class for preschoolers ages 3-5, taught by your favorite Little Stars Learning Academy staff. Class meets May 15 and May 21. Space is limited! Please email to join in on the fun.

Other Music and Dance Activities

  • Share your musical talent. Borrow an idea from Italy and open your window to play or sing a song for your neighbors. Do be considerate, though, and only share one song per day, and not when your neighbors are sleeping! If you want a larger audience, join one of Facebook’s Quarantine Concerts groups, or email a link for possible inclusion on our pages.
  • Share your dance and acting talent, too. Dancers and theater performers, you are also invited to email a link of a performance for possible inclusion on our pages.
  • Learn a new dance. YouTube is loaded with free video tutorials, including DanceTutorialsLive.
  • Sing online karaoke. Choose from musical theatre, jazz, rap and hip hop and more.

Online Performances

  • NPR Tiny Desk Concerts
  • Billboard Magazine’s List of Live-Stream Concerts by big names, including some benefiting Coronavirus-related causes
  • San Francisco Symphony’s Music Connects site
  • Metropolitan Opera streamed concerts, a new performance every day

Opportunities to See/Share Performances by Milpitas Residents

  • Coming Soon!