Self-Improvement Resources

Strategies to Beat Back-to-School Stress and Anxiety

  • COVID-19: Resources for Parents and Teens
  • Teens and COVID-19: Challenges and Opportunities During the Outbreak
  • Emotional Health and Self-Care from County of Santa Clara Behavioral health
  • SCC Services for Children/Young Adults
  • Headspace – Mindfulness app for your everyday life, designed to help you stress less, move more, and sleep soundly.
  • Seize the Awkward – Offers a comprehensive catalog of resources for teens and young adults to talk to each other about mental health
  • Mind Over Mood teaches skills and principles used in cognitive behavioral therapy.

Stress-Relieving Activities

  • Start an Isolation Journal. Sign up online with the Isolation Project to get a free daily creative writing prompt.
  • Take a daily walk in your neighborhood.
  • Try yoga.
  • Listen to music. Many people find classical music soothing.
  • Or listen to other soothing sounds. The website Soundrown has background sounds for everyone who likes white noise, including those who miss working to the chatter and clinks of the crowd at your local coffee shop.
  • Try adult coloring. Various online sites offer free downloadable coloring pages for adults, including Crayola, Faber Castell, and over 100 museums participating in Color our Collections.
  • Watch fish in an aquarium. If you don’t have your own, try the Monterey Bay Aquarium!
  • Try GoZen’s 50 Stress Relief Activities for kids of all ages.
  • Use Sesame Street’s Belly Breathing to calm very young children.

Mental Health Resources

  • Santa Clara County Behaviorial Health Service offers a wide range of services, including mental health urgent care, emergency psychiatric services, peer support, a mobile crisis response team, and suicide prevention resources, including through Milpitas HOPE.
  • California Surgeon General’s Playbook for Stress Relief During Covid-19
  • Living Alone During the Coronavirus Outbreak tips from WebMD
  • 10 tips on learning/schooling from home and completing school work at home 
  • How to do SCHOOL From HOME, WORK, and STAY SANE!