Pickle Ball Pilot Program

More pickleball in Milpitas! The City of Milpitas is conducting a one-year pilot program that will assess the increasing demand for pickleball courts in the City. Under the pilot program, the City has striped pickleball courts at Gill Memorial Park and Hall Memorial Park and will provide pickleball nets. Pickleball court lines are overlaid on existing Tennis courts and Handball courts for new multi-use sport court opportunities. See below site updates and opportunities to play this fun sport in Milpitas!

Hall Memorial Park Tennis Courts

  • Creation of dual-use courts for pickleball and tennis on two of the existing four tennis courts.
  • Six new pickleball courts have been striped on the two East-most tennis courts (#3 and #4). The West-most tennis courts (#1 and #2) are unchanged during the pilot program and remain exclusively available for tennis.
  • During the pilot, court #4 will be exclusively used for pickleball (PB#5 and PB#6). Court #3 will be a shared use court providing additional pickleball courts (PB#1-PB#4) for pickleball priority.
  • Court Use Designations:
    • Courts 1 and 2 are for tennis priority
    • Courts 3 and 4 are for pickleball priority
Diagram showing new pickleball courts

Gill Memorial Park Handball Courts

  • Improvements to existing two (2) Pickleball courts at the two (2) existing Handball courts.
  • Re-striping and extending pickleball court area and installing fence at existing pickleball courts at the two (2) handball/practice wall.
  • Pickleball has priority on these courts at all times.

For more information on this program, contact Sports and Aquatics Coordinator Lisa Mendes at lciardella@milpitas.gov or (408) 586-3234.