Q: What are the instructor ratios for the swim lessons?
Tiny Tots Group Lesson 1:4 Beginners/Advanced Group Lesson 1:8 Private 1:1

Q: What skills will my child learn from Tiny Tots and/or Learn-To-Swim?
Upon successful completion of all levels of the Tiny Tot Swim program, your child will be able to get more comfortable in the water. In addition, they will be able to blow bubbles, float with the support of their swim instructor, and perform “big arms” and “big kicks” on the wall.
Upon successful completion of all levels of the Learn to Swim program, your child’s newly improved knowledge of swimming will help increase their awareness of water safety. The Learn-To-Swim program will emphasize all three beginner’s stroke techniques, breath control, and basic water skills.

Q: What are the Advance Level Swim 4, 5, and 6?
Students who have successfully passed Level 3 of the Learn-To-Swim program, or can demonstrate all of the Level 3 completion requirements may participate Advance Level Swim 4, which is strongly based off of Level 3 and offers teachings on breaststroke, sidestroke, and elementary backstroke.
Students who have successfully passed Level 4 of the Learn-To-Swim program, or can demonstrate all of the Level 4 completion requirements may participate in Advance Level Swim 5/6, which will primarily focus on stroke refinement, stamina, flip turns, and diving progression.

Q: What is the water temperature?
The yard pool’s water temperature ranges from 86-88 oF. The meter pool ranges from 76-78 oF. The variance is based on weather temperatures, sunlight, and how long the pool has been uncovered.

Q: Are diapers or pull-ups allowed?
Diapers or pull-ups are not allowed in the pools. Children’s specialized swimming pull-ups are required.

Q: Is my child allowed to wear flotation devices?
No, policy strictly clarifies that water wings, life jackets, and other flotation devices are not allowed to be worn in the water for safety purposes.

Q: Why has my child been in the same level multiple times?
Many factors come into play when it comes to the speed of progression of a swimmer’s skill set. Students who take seasonal swim lessons usually need a refresher to remember the skills that they have forgotten through the off-season. It’s also common to see a child in the same level for multiple sessions since there is a lot of skills to learn and students develop their skill set at different speeds.

Q: How can I prevent my child from vomiting in the pool?
We strongly recommend that parents feed their children at least one hour before their lesson. When a vomit or fecal accident occurs there is a brief mandatory closure that we wish to prevent. If students vomit twice during a session, they will be excused.

Q: What happens if my swim lesson is canceled due to a vomit or fecal incident?
If a student throws up before the 15 minute mark, we will make sure to refund the lesson. However, if a student vomits after the 15 minute mark, we will issue a 50% reimbursement for the single lesson.

Q: How early should I put sunscreen on my child? What are the outside showers for?
We strongly recommend that students apply sunscreen at least 30 minutes before the lesson. You must allow adequate time for sunscreen to dry. We require that students rinse off at the outside showers before they hop into the pool. Students lathered in sunscreen on the pool deck just before the start of class will not be allowed to enter the pool as this will cloud the pool water.

Q: Why are bystanders not allowed to stand on the pool deck?
It is a safety issue for patrons to stand on the pool deck during swim lessons. In case of an emergency, we need the pool deck to be clear to activate the Emergency Activation Plan. If you have a question please ask the Aquatic management or speak briefly to your child’s instructor before or after class, never during.

Q: Why does my child have a different instructor today?
A. It is possible your child’s instructor was out sick or has a prearranged commitment. We do our best to ensure that there are minimal absences but we cannot foresee when an instructor is not able to come to teach due to sudden illness.

Q: Where is the designated sitting area for parents/guardians/bystanders while waiting for a swim lesson?
Parents or guardians must be present sitting in the picnic area or shaded bleachers. Parents are not allowed to drop their child off and leave because they must be present in case of any emergency. Remember that parents cannot stand on the pool edge and watch or photograph their child.

Q: Can I take photos of my child during swim lessons?
You cannot take a photo of any child that is not your own. You can however ask your instructor if they would like to take a photo with your child on the last day of class. No video-taping of lessons is allowed.

Q: How long are the swim sessions and classes?
The swim sessions are 2 weeks long, Monday through Thursday. Classes are 30 minutes long. Except for session 2 (7 classes due to the 4th of July holiday), all other sessions are 8 classes.

Q: What is the Parent and Me Lesson?
Parent me is no longer drop in based and will be led by an instructor who will teach proper holds and begin immersing your child in the lesson to get them comfortable as they progress into tiny tots

Q: Can my child wear a swim cap and goggles?
Yes, we recommend your child to wear a swim cap and goggles to protect their hair and eyes.

Q: What is the proper swim attire?
It’s best if female students wear one-piece swimsuits or two-piece swimsuits. Male students may wear jammers or swim trunks. If needed, swimmers may wear a white t-shirt or a rash guard.

Q: Are daily check-ins are mandatory?
Daily check-ins for attendance are mandatory in case of an emergency evacuation. Parents and/or guardians must check-in their child at the check-in desk on the pool deck, not the Milpitas Sports Center front desk.

Q: Will I, as a parent, be allowed in the Youth Locker Rooms?
Yes, parents will be allowed to be in the Youth Locker Rooms with their child before, during, and after lessons. We prohibit adults being in the Youth Locker Rooms without their children.

Q: When will I be able to use the Family Changing Room?
Parents are free to use the Family Changing Room during recreational swim events and lessons. However, there is only one Family Changing Room.

Q: Can parents enter the training pool?
We prohibit parents from entering the training pool. However, they may dangle their feet on the side of the pool. While we do understand the urgency to be near your child at all times, having parents in the puddle pool will block the assigned lifeguard to safely guard every child in the pool and may result in an easily-prevented emergency.