In order to receive a refund check, you must submit the Transfer/Refund Request Form to the office 10 calendar days prior to the first Class/Camps. “Class” shall mean all of the meetings for each separate activity per session.
• A $10 service charge is withheld from each Class/Camps you are requesting a refund for. Material fees are non-refundable if you cancel/transfer out of the class.
• Please Note: If your class payment was made with a credit card, refunds cannot be credited back to the credit card.
• All transaction fees are non-refundable
• Should a Class not meet its minimum number of students within 3 days of starting, it will be cancelled, and a full refund is issued.

Transferring from one Class to another Class is permitted with a $10 processing fee, as long as the office is notified with a Transfer/Refund Request Form 7 calendar days prior to a Class starting.

Waiting Lists
Being placed on the waiting list does not guarantee enrollment in the Class.

Late Pick-Up Policy
For the safety of our participants, it is required that they are picked up on time at the end of each Class. Should the participant be picked up late, a $10 late fee starting one minute after the end of Class will be charged, with an additional $10 for every 10 minutes thereafter for the 1st and 2nd offense. After the 3rd offense, the fee will be $25 per every 10 minutes. Should the participant not be picked up within a half hour of the end of the Class, the Milpitas Police Department will be contacted. Late fees must be paid within three(3) business days, of receiving the late fee notice, otherwise your child will not be allowed to return to the Class/ program.

Code of Conduct Policy
It is expected patrons of Recreation and Community Services programs and activities will
• Treat patrons, staff, contractors, and volunteers with respect and courtesy.
• Refrain from behavior that is disruptive and/or inappropriate and causing people discomfort.
• Maintain and respect City property, equipment, and staff work space.
• Will not be in possession of a controlled substance or appear to be under the influence of.
• Any other acts or behaviors, not included on this page, that are deemed offensive, threatening or disrespectful by patrons and/or staff is prohibited.

Violation of the Code of Conduct outlined above may result in disciplinary action, up to and including expulsion from Milpitas Recreation Services programs and facilities, forfeiture of fees, and financial restitution for any damage. In the case of a minor, parental responsibility will apply to all of the above actions.

The following behaviors will result in the IMMEDIATE REMOVAL of the participant:
• Physical abuse of other participants, or staff.
• Inappropriate physical contact
• Direct abusive/obscene/profane language/gesture or behavior to staff or participants.