Milpitas Sanitation is the franchised hauler with exclusive rights to service temporary debris boxes. Please call Milpitas Sanitation at (408) 988-4500 or email at to reserve a temporary debris box for your residence, business or construction site.  Sizes of temporary debris boxes can be viewed here.  Debris box and compactor rates are available at



Residents may place temporary debris boxes onsite, in private right-of-way only, for up to 30 days within any 60-day period. Please call (408) 586-2680 for written consent to extend this time frame. Residents may also opt for a 1, 2, or 3 cubic yard bin to dispose trash, recyclables or yard trimmings. Please review bin sizes here.



Businesses may use temporary debris boxes at construction sites for construction and demolition debris from commencement to completion of construction. Temporary debris boxes may be placed onsite, in private right-of-way only.  Recycling of construction and demolition debris may be a requirement to obtain commercial demolition and building permits.  Call (408) 586-3240 for more information about construction and demolition permits.


Residents: Got Extra?

Additional garbage, bulky or e-waste items can be collected at your residence. A special type of collection bin is required for construction and demolition materials such as dirt, sod, cement, rock and brick.  Please visit Contact Milpitas Sanitation at (408) 988-4500 for more information.