Business Systems

server_rooms_1_izThe Operations team supports every City department’s business processes by designing, implementing, operating and supporting a large number of computer applications.

Most systems are hosted on physical or virtual servers in our primary and secondary Data Centers.

A growing number of business applications leverage cloud operations by having service providers host systems and data for us, which are then made accessible via the Internet.


Public Safety

Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD):  The largest and most complex of systems based in our Data Center, CAD is the primary tool in use by 911 Emergency dispatchers, police officers and fire fighters.  There are mobile versions in every vehicle and a comprehensive records management system, plus live connections to other local and state agencies.


Citywide Applications

Internet and Email:  The City’s public web site and centralized in-house email services are the primary means of interacting with the public.

Centralized Data Storage:  Vast amounts of data are created on a daily basis and must be stored efficiently and reliably.  Dedicated storage systems in our Data Center ensure that access to data is available at all times.

Backup and Disaster Recovery:  Making sure that all data is frequently backed up ensures that systems can be recovered after failures.

Department-Specific Systems:  Numerous applications enable and support day-to-day operations of all departments throughout the City.  The largest ones are the Finance system and a combined application for Planning, Permitting and Inspections.