Fire Prevention –
The Vial of Life – Lifesaving Information for Emergencies

Milpitas Fire Department introduces the Vial of Life Program to the community. The Vial of Life Program is a free program designed for seniors and individuals with serious medical conditions to provide pertinent medical information to emergency personnel who respond to and treat home emergencies. The Vial of Life contains much of the medical history needed by the responding emergency personnel, such as existing medical conditions, allergies, medication currently being taken, and emergency contact information.

Vial of Life participants complete a Medical Information Form, which is then put into a small medical vial. A “Vial of Life” label is attached to the vial which is then place on the top shelf of the participant’s refrigerator. A second “Vial of Life” label is placed on the upper outside of the refrigerator in plain view.

If emergency personnel are called to the home, the label on the refrigerator will alert them that medical information is located inside. In many cases, this information could prove invaluable to the responders. Vial of Life packets may be obtained at all Milpitas Fire Stations. For additional information, contact the Milpitas Fire Department, Public Education Office at (408) 586-2800.

Complete the Milpitas Fire Department Vial of L.I.F.E. form then mail, FAX or deliver to the Fire Department.