Fire Prevention – Disabled Person Registration Program

What is the Disabled Person Registration Program?

The Disabled Person Registration Program consists of the Fire Department developing a listing of disabled persons residing within the City. The information would be confidential and accessible only to Police, Fire and Emergency Dispatch personnel. This would allow emergency responders to be alerted that a disabled person resides there. This will help us help you!

There is no charges or costs involved. It is absolutely free.

Please fill out the form below and send it to the address indicated. If you prefer, a Fire Engine can be sent to your residence to assist in completing the form.


Live Near an Exit:

If you live in an apartment, you’ll be safest on the ground floor. In a two story house, arrange to sleep on the first floor. Being near an exit will make your escape easier. A ramp may facilitate an emergency exit. Be sure to have a telephone by your bed.

Install Smoke Detector:

One in every bedroom. One on each level of the house. Test monthly. Replace batteries once a year.

Plan and Practice Your Escape:

Know at least two ways out of every room. Practice your plan twice a year. Plan your escape around your abilities. Every plan needs a meeting place.

Once Out Stay Out:

Never go back into the building until the firefighter say it is safe.

For more information contact:
Milpitas Fire Department
777 South Main Street

Residents with security bars:

Doors or windows need quick-release mechanisms. These devices operate from inside, and allow bars to be opened for emergency escape. They should be approved devices which easily open without the use of a key, special knowledge or effort.

Complete the Community Survey Form form, then mail, FAX or deliver to the Fire Department.