Fire Prevention –
Battery Give-A-Way & Residential Smoke Detector Maintenance Program

The Milpitas Fire Department has begun a residential smoke detector maintenance program. At every residential contact, Fire Officers will verify the presence and operability of smoke detectors. When a detector is non-functional, a new battery will be installed. If after replacing the battery the detector still does not work, a brochure will be left to provide smoke detector information. Fire Personnel will encourage all residents to purchase a new smoke detector. In the event the resident is unable to purchase a detector, Fire Personnel will offer a battery operated smoke detector free of charge for installation.

This program’s goal is to improve the publics awareness to fire and fire safety. It is our hope, that through education and placement of early warning devices, the loss of life can be reduced.

A residential fire impacts the life of an American family every 85 seconds. Properly installed smoke alarms are only half the battle in protecting your family against the threat of a home fire. You also need to make sure each and every alarm is equipped with a working battery. Why?

  • Each day, an average of three children die in home fires – 82 percent of fire deaths involving children occur in homes without working smoke alarms.
  • Although 94 percent of homes in the U.S. have smoke alarms, 20 percent don’t work due to worn or missing batteries.
  • By providing early warning and critical extra seconds to escape, smoke alarms cut your family’s risk of dying in a fire in half – but only if they work.
  • Smoke Detectors Information

Maintaining your Home Smoke Detectors:

The City of Milpitas Bureau of Fire Prevention has developed some information on the importance of maintaining home smoke detectors. This information is in Multi languages list below:

Chinese English Spanish Vietnamese