How do I get a Knox Box for my new business?

Please contact the Milpitas Bureau of Fire Prevention at (408) 586-3365 for application and set up instructions.

I need to set up a Fire Inspection before my new business opens. How do I proceed with such a request?

Please call the Milpitas Bureau of Fire Prevention at (408) 586-3380 for the next available appointment.

I have a False Alarm going off at my building because I burnt the toast again. Who should I call to inform them of the False Alarm?

Please call the Dispatch Center at (408)263-1212 for False Alarms.


How do I obtain a copy of a Milpitas Fire Department Incident or Fire Report?

Please call Milpitas Police at (408) 586-2400 and ask for the Records Division to order a copy.

My child’s school would like a visit by the City of Milpitas Fire Department to talk about what it entails to be a Fire Fighter and/or to visit a Fire Station. How can I arrange such a request?

Please contact Milpitas Fire at (408) 586-2860 or send an email to

Due to restricted access and security constraints, fire station tours or visits can only be accommodated on a limited basis, and only when scheduled in advance.

I live within the City of Milpitas and my home owner’s insurance wants to know my ISO Rating. What is it?

The Milpitas Fire Department has an ISO Public Protection Classification rating of two (2).

Do you take back prescription drugs or sharps at your Fire Stations?

Unfortunately we do not.  Please see the Santa Clara County website information page at  about safe meds disposal.

Who do I contact for a leaky fire hydrant within the City of Milpitas?

For a fire hydrant that has been sheared off by way of a traffic accident or other incident please contact 9-1-1.  For leaky public hydrants please contact Milpitas Public Works at (408) 586-2600.  For leaky private hydrants the Landlord would be responsible.

Why does a Fire Truck come when I only requested an Ambulance?

A fire truck will generally respond to all calls involving life-threatening symptoms, such as chest pains, severe bleeding, or difficulty breathing, and all motor vehicle crashes in order to begin basic or advanced life support prior to arrival of the ambulance crew.  In many medical situations it takes more than two personnel to tend to the victim.

Where should I place my smoke detectors?

Smoke alarms should be installed on every level of your home and in every bedroom/sleeping quarters.  Please see for more information

Can the Milpitas Fire Department install or check my child’s safety seat for proper installation?

Unfortunately, the Milpitas Fire Department does not offer this service.  To find the nearest location for a child safety seat inspection please visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration at or locate a Child Safety Seat Inspection Station by State on

Does the Milpitas Fire Department offer Bicycle Registration?

If you wish to register your bicycle, there is a national bicycle registry that works with local police agencies to identify the owners of lost or stolen bicycles.  Please visit for information on the National Bike Registry Program.