Emergency Preparedness Resources – Community

Before a disaster, get involved and become familiar with community resources:

  • Join Milpitas Volunteer Partners. Contact the City’s Volunteer Services Office at (408) 586-3207.
  • Do you have an Amateur Radio License? JoinARES/RACES.
  • Interested in a Fire career? Investigate the Community Fire Aide program (408) 586-2800.
  • Interested in a Police career? Investigate thePolice Explorer program (408) 586-2400.
  • Become a member of Strategic Actions For Emergencies (S.A.F.E.), Milpitas’ CERT program and receive training on how to help yourself and your neighbors during an emergency.
  • If you are over 50, join the Police Department’s Citizen Volunteer Program.
  • Get to know your neighbors. Find out if anyone has specialized equipment, like a power generator or expertise such as medical knowledge, that might help in a crisis. Make arrangements to check on your neighbor’s home or pets if one of you is away when a disaster strikes.
  • Take training in First Aid and CPR offered by the American Red Cross or other agencies.
  • Consider joining a City Commission to add your expertise about an area that interests you.

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