Bid Results

SolicitationBid TabulationBids ReceivedDate ReceivedContact
IFB 23-061Fire Training Tower Concrete Repair23/17/2023Steve Pietrobono
IFB No. 23-064Milpitas Sports Fields Baseball Scoreboards13/17/2023Steve Pietrobono
IFB No. 23-060Purchase of Fire Hydrants53/10/2023Steve Pietrobono
RFP No. 23-048Portable Retro Roller Skating Rink13/3/2023Steve Pietrobono
RFP No. 23-028Federal and State Legislative Advocacy Professional Services310/27/2022Z. DeVine
IFB No. 23-008Exterior Painting and Waterproofing of City’s Public Works/Police Department Complex119/14/2022Z. DeVine
IFB No. 23-012Citywide Sidewalk Repairs (Fall 2022)49/21/2022Z. DeVine
IFB No. 23-022Citywide Asphalt Concrete Repairs510/10/2022Z. DeVine
RFQ 23-04050,000 Rounds of Aguila 9mm Ammunition1211/2/2022Z. DeVine
IFB No. 23-041Fumigation of Fire Station No. 1211/9/2022Z. DeVine
RFP 23-002Storm Drain Fee Analysis39/9/2022Z. DeVine
RFQ 23-04050,000 Rounds of Aguila 9mm Ammunition (Fall 2022)1211/2/2022Z. DeVine
RFP 23-024Milpitas Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance Update210/21/2022Steve Pietrobono
RFP 23-019Annual 4th of July Fireworks Shows & Annual Lunar New Year Shows19/23/2022Steve Pietrobono
CP-3447Temporary Fire Station No. 2 Asphalt Pavement Restoration808/30/2022Wenjing Wu
IFB 22-089Firearms, Red Dot Sights, and Holsters205/27/2022Steve Pietrobono
RFP 22-090Routine Disposal and Emergency Clean-up and Hazardous Waste Services106/06/2022R. Yamashita
RFQ 22-101Electric Bicycles and Accessories307/01/2022Steve Pietrobono
RFQ 22-103Activity Guide Printing 2022-23106/28/2022Steve Pietrobono
RFQ 22-100Communications Headsets for SWAT Team606/17/2022Steve Pietrobono
RFQ 22-09350,000 Rounds of Aguila 9mm Ammunition1005/16/2022Z. DeVine
IFB 22-088Rebuild of Pump 4 at Main Lift Sewer Pump Station205/16/2022Z. DeVine

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