Fair Housing Services – Project Sentinel

Fair Housing Services – Project Sentinel:

Housing discrimination is illegal. Protected categories include race, national origin, religion, gender, disability, children, marital status, source of income and sexual orientation. If you suspect discrimination, contact Project Sentinel to investigate the complaint. Services are provided at no cost to the caller. Call toll free: 888-F-A-I-R-H-O-U-sing (888-324-7468).

It is illegal for landlords to steer families with children to ground floor units or to restrict use of amenities. Call Project Sentinel for free assistance. Call toll free: 888-F-A-I-R-H-O-U-sing (888-324-7468).

Landlords must allow reasonable accommodations to those with disabilities. For more information on fair housing rights and responsibilities, contact Project Sentinel for free assistance. Call toll free: 888-F-A-I-R-H-O-U-sing (888-324-7468).

Project Sentinel offers free tenant-landlord mediation for Santa Clara. Housing counselors can assist both tenants and landlords in finding alternative ways to resolve rental disputes through education, counseling and mediation. For more information on your rights and responsibilities, call (408) 720-9888. Project Sentinel also offers free mortgage default counseling to all homeowners in the South Bay. Call (408) 720-9888.

Calling all tenants and landlords to resolve disputes without going to court. Free mediation services are available to residents and property owners in the City of Santa Clara. Visit the website or call Project Sentinel at (408) 720-9888 for information. Free counseling for mortgage problems is also available.