All work in City streets, right of way, and upon City infrastructure shall be in conformance with the latest City Standard Details and Specifications.


The following are links to the City’s Standard Construction Details and Specifications. Please contact the City’s Engineering Department if you have questions regarding these documents (408) 586-3300.

101Construction Drawing Profile Symbols
202Location of Improvements
204Marker Posts in Easements
206Traffic Barrier Posts
208Mailbox Installation
210Board Fence
212Chain Link Fence
219Microtrenching Detail for Fiber Optic Conduit Installation
220Trench Construction
221Pothole Back Filling Detail
222Pavement Restoration
223Utility Crossing Casing
230Sanitary & Storm Manholes
402Typical Streets
403Typical Hillside Streets
405Corner Sight Distance at Intersections and Driveways
406Residential Lot Back-up On Major Street
410Curb and Gutter
414Header Board
419Refer to Caltrans Latest Standard Details
420Refer to Caltrans Latest Standard Details
422Accessible Parking On-Street
423Accessible Parking Off-Street
424Asphalt Conctete Dikes
425Industrial Sidewalk
426Commercial Sidewalk
427Residential Sidewalk
430Residential Driveway
432Commercial/Industrial Driveway with Flares
434Commercial/Industrial Driveway with Curb Return
436Sidewalk Transitions Over Driveways
439Street Name Sign
440Traffic Signal Cabinet & Service Pedestal Installation Detail
441Street Light Locations
442Street Lighting Standard
444Guard Fence
446 Street Survey Monument
448Street Tree Planting
450Solid Waste Curb Side Minimum Clearance
460Curb Storm Drain Inlet Retrofit
462 Curb Storm Drain Inlet
464Flat Grate Storm Inlet
602Standard Flushing Inlet
618 Sanitary Sewer Lateral – Commercial/Industrial
620Sanitary Sewer Lateral – Residential
622Connection to Existing VCP Sanitary Main
702Typical Valve Installation
704Location of Thrust Blocks
706 Concrete Anchor Block with Capped End Assembly
708Wet Taps (4” Taps or Larger) on PVC, DIP, and CL.
710Wet Taps (4″ Taps or Larger) Steel Water Mains
712Cut in Tee (4" or Larger Pipe)
720Service From Cast Iron Main
7223/4″ Water Service – Single & Split
7231″ Residential Water Service with Fire Sprinklers
7241-1/2″ Residential Water Service with Fire Sprinklers
7262″ Water Service with Fire Sprinklers
728Installation of 2″ to 10″ Compound Water Meter
729Remote Read End-Point-Transmitter Installation
730 Detector Check Valve Installation for On-Site Fire Service
734 Reduced Pressure Principal Backflow Preventer
738 1″ or 2″ Air & Vacuum Relase Valve
742Fire Hydrant Assembly (Type A & B)
744Fitting with Valve - Anode Station
7463" to 8" Ductile Iron Riser - Anode Station
750 Electrolysis Stations
752Trace Wire
753Corrosion Test Station
754Insulating Joint Test Station
756Foreign Pipe Crossing - Anode Station
758Ductile Iron Pipeline - Anode Test Station
760Cats - Casing Anode Test Station
762Ductile Iron Pipe -Insulation Joint
764Leak Repair Clamp - Anode Insulation
766Copper Pipe - Dielectric Insulating Union
768Copper Pipe - Anode Ground Clamp Connection
770Anode Installation
771Vertical lOffsets - Anode Installation
772Bond Cables
774Cable-To-Pipe Connection For Ductile Iron or Mortar Coated Steel Pipe
775Cable-To-Pipe Connection For Stainless Steel Pipe
776Cable Splice
778Test Station
780Cable Identification
790Cathodic Protection Quick Reference Guide
792Cathodic Protection General Notes


Roadway and Storm Sewer Improvements

Standard Specification for Sanitary Sewers

Standard Specification for Water Main and Services


The Following Additional Material May Be Pertinent to Your Project:

Milpitas Municipal Code Excerpts:

  • Title II, Chapter 13 (Grading, Excavation, Paving and Erosion Control – Ordinance 65)
  • Title VIII, Chapter 1 (Water System – Ordinance 120)
  • Title VIII, Chapter 2 (Milpitas Sanitary Code – Ordinance 208)
  • Title VIII, Chapter 3 (Backflow Prevention and Cross-Connection Control – Ordinance 232)
  • Title VIII, Chapter 5 (Water efficient Landscape – Ordinance 238)
  • Title VII, Chapter 6 (Water Conservation – Ordinance 240)
  • Title X, Chapter 1 (Streets – Ordinance 203)
  • Title XI, Chapter 1 (Subdivisions – Ordinance 18)
  • Title XI, Chapter 15 (Flood Damage Prevention Regulations – Ordinance 209.4)
  • Title XI, Chapter 16(Non-point Source Pollution Prevention and Watercourse Protection – Ordinance 239)