Private Development Projects

Processing Procedures for Public Improvement Plans, Maps and Agreements for Private Development Projects

  1. Developer’s Design Engineer submits plans for review with all applicable reference materials as delineated on the Plan Check Submittal Requirements plan checking submittal requirement sheets to the Land Development Section of the Engineering Division. For more information call the Land Development Section at, (408) 586-3325.  Mandatory use of recycled water can be obtained using the Construction Meter Application.  For more information, call the Public Works Department, Utility Engineering Section at (408) 586 – 3350.
  2. The plan check and inspection deposit shall be deposited into an Private Job Account (PJ).
  3. The City Plan Check Engineer forwards the appropriate submittals to the appropriate reviewing staff ( Fire Dept., P.W. Maintenance, Design Sec., Utility Sec.) to initiate detailed plan check.
  4. Prior to completion of first plan check and all subsequent plan checks, the Plan Check Engineer will resolve any potential conflicting comments and return one set of check prints to the Developer’s Design Engineer.
  5. The assigned City Plan Check Engineer verifies that the affected agencies are reviewing the plans.
  6. If the Design Engineer wish to discuss any of the comments, he/she can call to review comments or can request a meeting with the Plan Check Engineer.
  7. Reviews required by Other Agencies such as Santa Clara Valley Water District, Utility Companies and Caltrans may have different plan check turnaround times than the City. Plan checks may proceed without input from all agencies; however, prior to the final approval input from all agencies shall be reviewed by City and all appropriate comments and plan modifications of other agencies shall be addressed and incorporated into the plans. It is the Design Engineer’s responsibility to coordinate other agencies plan check which may be affected by the project or have an affect on other projects.
  8. All subsequent plan checks shall be submitted to the assigned Plan Check Engineer and shall include prior check prints and comments.
  9. The Design Engineer shall make corrections to improvement plans, maps, reports and calculations according to the Engineering plan check reviews. A complete set of previous check print markups along with 3 sets of corrected prints shall be resubmitted to the Land Development section of the Engineering Division.
  10. The second plan check submittal by the Design Engineer shall include updated construction cost estimates and an indication of the type of security ( surety, letter of credit, cash, account assignment) to be used. The Plan Check Engineer shall verify construction quantities and determine the bond, fees, and prepare the subdivision improvement agreement. The agreement and security shall be 100% of the cost of public improvements for faithful performance and 100% of the cost of public improvements for labor and materials.
  11. Upon completion of the plan checking process (including other agencies’ review as applicable), the Plan Check Engineer will direct the Design Engineer to transmit to the Land Development Section of the Engineering Division an original mylar of the map, improvement plans and other reports for the City Engineer’s approval.
  12. Following the Plan Check Engineer’s recommendation for plan approval the original plans will be routed for final review and approval by:
    1. Fire Department.
    2. Land Development Engineer.
    3. City Engineer.
  13. The subdivision map and public improvement agreement will be schedule for City Council action upon the completion of the following:
    1. Subdivision agreements (signed and notarized).
    2. Easements and other agreements are signed and submitted.
    3. Conditions of approval.
  14. Subdivision map will be submitted to City Clerk and City Engineer for signatures upon completion of the following:
    1. Deposits and fees (paid)
    2. All bonds (submitted).
    3. Subdivision guarantee (submitted).
    4. All conditions of approval (satisfied).
    5. City Council approval of Subdivision Agreement, Public Improvement Drawings and Final Map.
  15. After the City Clerk and City Engineer approvals (signatures), the subdivision map and easements (if applicable). Final map will be released to the title insurance company for recordation processing.
  16. The Plan Check Engineer will notify the Design Engineer that the plans have been approved and will transmit the originals plans for prints and in house filling.
  17. Prints of plans needed by the Design Engineer and owner for contract bidding and construction shall be required through a bonded blue print company. The Plan Check Engineer will submit the approved set of plans to the blue print company upon direction by the Design Engineer.
  18. Construction permits will be issued only after appropriate plans are signed, public improvement agreement executed and bonded for, and fees and deposits paid.
  19. The City Engineering Division will concur with approval of the building permits after subdivision maps are recorded, all conditions are met, and all permit fees are paid.
  20. Once all public facilities have been constructed, survey monumentation have been set and record drawing have been submitted, the City Council adopts a Resolution initially accepting the project. The faithful performance’s security is reduced to 10% of its original value for the warranty period and released upon final acceptance. The labor and materialmen’s security is reduced to an amount equal to the total amount claimed by all claimants for whom claims of lein have been recorded and written notice have been given to the City Clerk (if any), if no claim have been received, the security will be released in full ninety (90) days after initial acceptance. For a one year period, the developer is responsible for the repair and replacement of any public improvement deficiencies. The consulting engineer provides City with a letter of monumentation certificate upon completion of monument placement.
  21. If the project is found to be completed upon final inspection, the City Council adopts a resolution finally accepting the project one-year after initial acceptance and the remainder of the security is then released.
  22. List of Other Agencies:

City of Fremont

39550 Liberty Street, Fremont, CA 94537-5006

(510) 494-4445

City of San Jose

801 North 1st Street, San Jose, CA 95110

(408) 277-5161

Comcast Business and Engineering Services

Phone 1-800-984-2824

Fax (925) 443-0123

PG&E, Planning Division

111 Almaden Boulevard, Room 814, San Jose, CA 95115-005,

(408) 282-7543

San Jose/Santa Clara Water Pollution Control Plant

700 Los Esteros, San Jose, CA 95134

(408) 945-5307

Santa Clara County Road and Airports

101 Skyport Drive, San Jose, CA 95110

(408) 573-2462

Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority

3331 North First Street, Building B, San Jose, CA 95134-1906

(408) 321-2300

Santa Clara Valley Water District

5750 Almaden Expressway, San Jose, CA 95118

(408) 265-2600

San Francisco Public Utility Commission, (Hetch Hetchy Water System Operation)

1000 El Camino Real, Millbrae. CA 94030

(650) 872-5900

SBC South Bay Engineering Division

3475B North First Street Room 200, San Jose, CA 95134

Phone (408) 493-7090 Fax (408) 493-9547

State of Calif. Department of Health Services

2151 Berkeley Way, Room 458, Berkeley, CA 94704-1011

(510) 540-2413

State of Calif. Department of Water Resources

3251 S Street, Sacramento CA 95818

(916) 227-7585