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Know Your Local Flood Hazard:

Approximately one-quarter of the City of Milpitas is located within a mapped Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA) where property is subject to flooding one time every one hundred years, or a 1% chance of being inundated. Development and construction within SFHA is regulated by FEMA and by the City’s Floodplain Management Ordinance.

There is approximately a 26% chance that a structure located in the SFHA will be inundated by the 100-year flood event during the life of a 30-year mortgage. In comparison, the risk of fire is approximately 5% in the same time period. Smaller floods have a greater chance of occurring in any given year and can still create a significant hazard to life and property.

Flood Hazard Areas within the City of Milpitas are generally located near the following creeks: Calera, Penitencia, Berryessa, Los Coches, and Tularcitos.


The map and link below will help identify property located within the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Special Flood Hazard Area within the City of Milpitas.


For more information on development requirements within the SFHA and to determine if the City has an Elevation Certificate on-file for your property, contact the City Engineering Department, Land Development Principal Civil Engineer (408)-586-3316.

FEMA Flood Maps:

FEMA Flood maps and flood protection information is available from the City’s Land Development Engineer and the Milpitas Library, 160 North Main Street, (408) 262-1171.

For more information about flooding, flood safety and whether your home is at risk, visit Santa Clara Valley Water District’s Flood Protection Resources