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Recycling is Mandatory in CA

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For more information on commercial recycling, visit the Santa Clara County Integrated Waste Management website and go to Business & Commercial Recycling.

Source Reduction & Recycling Element

The City of Milpitas maintains planning documents to assist with the proper management of the Source Reduction and Recycling Element (SRRE) which provides a general outline of how the City meets the state-mandated waste diversion goals.

Recycling Review:

The Solid Waste Unit is a three-member team working with you to help the City of Milpitas achieve disposal reduction goals and monitor solid waste services. Please call us at 408-586-3352 (TDD 262-3081) if you have any questions about your recycling and garbage services.

Get Involved:

The Recycling & Source Reduction Advisory Commission advises the Milpitas City Council on recycling and solid waste issues and recommends programs designed to reduce solid waste. Committee members are appointed to three-year terms by the City Council.

Public comments and participation welcome! The commission meets the fourth Tuesday of January, April, July and October at 7pm. Special meetings by announcement.

How It Works:

With the City of Milpitas/Republic Services Commercial Recycling Program, your business can combine accepted materials into one outside recycling bin. Imagine! No complicated sorting, no fuss and you could easily save on garbage disposal costs!

What’s Recyclable:

Most of your office waste paper, even fax paper, envelopes with windows, and carbonless forms. Cardboard and paperboard (cereal-type boxes). Newspapers and magazines. Aluminum and bi-metal cans. Glass beverage containers. Plastic containers bottom-stamped with a 1 or 2 (PET or HPDE) and other plastic forms numbered 3 through 7. Call Republic Services at (408) 432-1234 and ask for the Commercial Recycling Coordinator. The coordinator will visit your business and provide a free walk-through audit.

Is There a Catch?

Yes, but it’s not that bad! You, and your colleagues, must keep recyclables from non-recyclables. To make that easy, call Republic Services at (408) 432-1234 for a starter kit.

Free Deskside Recycling Boxes & Posters:

These recycling boxes and posters make recycling a snap! Call Republic Services at (408) 432-1234.

Less Than 100 Employees:

If you’re not already recycling, we’ll make it easy for you to join the City of Milpitas/Republic Services Commercial Recycling Program. Just call Republic Services at (408) 432-1234. Republic Services will deliver everything you need to begin your recycling program. (Ask for those free deskside recycling boxes!) This is particularly important to small and medium-sized businesses that may find recycling inconvenient. The aim is to make recycling as simple and easy-to-manage as throwing it away.

Nobody’s Too Small:

You may say, “Well, we’re so small that our little bit of recycling won’t really help.” Wrong. Combine the hundreds of small and medium size firms in Milpitas and you are the majority. Your business, together with other businesses, make a major contribution to recycling and keeping valuable resources out of the landfill. Multiply your recyclable waste paper, plastic and aluminum containers by several hundred businesses like yours, and you can imagine the difference!

Recycling Reminder:

Please ask your recycling hauler for a permit from the City of Milpitas. Permits are free and require basic reporting of materials and amounts hauled from Milpitas. Call the Solid Waste Unit at (408)586-3352.