What is the Milpitas Economic Development Strategy?

Economic development and job growth are priorities for the Milpitas City Council. The City of Milpitas is creating a new Economic Development Strategy that will guide the City’s efforts over the next five years to grow the local economy. Specific objectives include:

  • Identifying forward-looking economic growth opportunities in Milpitas based on broader regional and global trends;
  • Retaining and expanding existing businesses and industries;
  • Attracting emerging technologies;
  • Preparing the local workforce for future jobs;
  • Encouraging commercial and industrial development and reinvestment; and
  • Investing in the City’s fiscal health.

Your involvement will ensure that the strategy addresses your concerns, opportunities, and priorities as a resident, worker, visitor, or business owner in Milpitas.


  • October and November 2019: Data analysis, community workshop and outreach, EDTC meeting, community survey
  • December 2019: Completion of the background report, additional discussions with stakeholders, input from City Council and EDTC on potential strategies and implementation actions
  • January 2020: Draft report and additional input from the City Council and EDTC
  • Early 2020: Adoption of the final Economic Development Strategy

Other Ways to Participate

  • Complete an online survey. Milpitas residents, workers, visitors, and business owners are encouraged to fill out the online survey by mid-November, 2019
  • Attend Economic Development and Trade Commission (EDTC) and City Council Meetings. Several meetings will be held with decision makers at the EDTC and City Council to share analytical findings and community feedback, refine the strategies and implementation actions, and receive input on the public draft plan.