Welcome Message from Deputy City Manager Steve McHarris

Dear Community Development Partner:

Greetings from the City of Milpitas.  You are invited to participate in a newly-formed monthly Community Development Roundtable, specifically focused on connecting key development services staff at City Hall with planning, development, and construction professionals seeking further City Hall engagement.

I came back to City of Milpitas in early 2018 as Deputy City Manager, overseeing the Community Development Service Areas of:

  • Building and Housing;
  • Engineering Land Development;
  • Fire Prevention; and
  • Economic Development

As you  know, each of these city services are essential to your success in planning, constructing, and marketing development projects in Milpitas.  As service providers to your business, we have initiated this Roundtable to provide relevant local and regional legislative updates, exchange process improvement ideas, and share information on specific activities and steps we are taking to improve our service delivery.  We also want to discuss your issues and experiences in Milpitas and the Silicon Valley.

We hope to see you in our roundtable series of meetings.


Steve McHarris



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