Rent Relief Program

The Rent Relief program offers various forms of financial relief to City of Milpitas residents with emergency housing needs. Click the button below to view our program flyer.

Milpitas Residents Assisted
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Rent Relief Stories

Domestic Violence

This family was referred by MUSD to the Pilot Rent Relief Program. After experiencing domestic violence, the Pilot Rent Relief Program was able to provide the family of 5 a safe, temporary place to live, while they could find a more permanent residency. Within a month, they were able to secure a rental unit. The Pilot Rent Relief program was able to assist with the first month’s rent and deposit to help the family during this difficult time.

Short Term Homeless Prevention:

City staff received an email stating a woman was sleeping in her car with her four children, all of whom attend MUSD. MPD wanted to know what resources, if any, were available to them. Staff connected this resident with the Pilot Rent Relief Program, who was able to provide a short term stay in a local hotel to temporarily remove them from living in their vehicle.

Over the course of the next month, MUSD, SVILC, and city staff worked collaboratively with this family to provide them the resources necessary to find a more permanent housing opportunity. Towards the conclusion of their stay in the hotel, staff was able to connect this family with a 90 day stay at Family Supportive Housing, a temporary shelter specifically for families.

Senior Assistance:

After living in the same unit of 20 years, this resident was asked to vacate without cause. Being elderly, having limited income, and a special needs child who was in and out of the hospital, she didn’t know how she would be able to find a place and pay for the costs to move in. After being referred to the Pilot Rent Relief Program, she realized she had the financial support to begin searching for a new apartment. And in a few short weeks, this family was able to secure a new rental unit, with the first months rent and deposit assistance provided by the Pilot Rent Relief Program.