Lottery Application

To be eligible for a unit, eligible households must be a “Moderate-Income Household” defined as a household that has an adjusted income that is less than or equal to one-hundred and twenty percent (120%) of AMI. Income is defined as gross taxable income as reported to the IRS. To prove eligibility, the applicant must submit a letter from their lender stating the lender has completed a review of the applicant’s income and has determined that the income of the applicant is at or below 120% AMI.

2021 HCD Income Limits
 Household Size 4 5 6 7 8
Moderate @ 120% 181,550 $196,050 $210,600 $225,100 $239,650

Minimum household size:4
Maximum household size: 9 (income limit tbd)


While every applicant must meet the City’s basic eligibility requirements, the City of Milpitas gives some Households a lottery preference that increase the chance that they will be offered an affordable unit.

The City endeavors to make housing available for Milpitas residents, individuals who work in Milpitas, Former Milpitas residents who have been displaced, and families with children enrolled in the McKinney Vento Program at the Milpitas Unified School District (MUSD):

  • To qualify as “Employed within the boundaries of the City of Milpitas,” the person shall have been employed within the City of Milpitas for at least six months.
  • To qualify as a “Milpitas resident,” the person shall have been a resident of the City of Milpitas for at least a one-year period prior to the eligibility determination.

Proof will be required for the above preferences – for example, a copy of the applicant’s utility bills indicating residence in Milpitas and/or lease agreement, and employment verification. Preferences must be current and apply to at least one person who will be living in the household at least 50% of the time.


The following procedure describes the steps in assigning the number of lottery tickets to applicants:

  1. Each applicant receives one lottery ticket as a baseline for submitting their application.
  2. Each preference category is assigned a number of additional tickets based on the weighting for that preference category.
  3. Each applicant identifies which preferences apply to their household. These preferences are then used to determine how many additional lottery tickets each household will receive. The intent of the weighted number of tickets is to prioritize the selection of a household that meets the most of the City Council’s priorities.
Applicants Number of Lottery Tickets
All applicants Receive 1 lottery ticket
Milpitas residents Receive 5 additional lottery tickets
Former Milpitas residents who have been displaced Receive 3 additional lottery tickets
Households with children enrolled in the Milpitas Unified School District (MUSD) that have inadequate housing as defined in the federal McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act Receive 3 additional lottery tickets
Applicants employed within the boundaries of the City of Milpitas Receive 1 additional lottery ticket


Applicants must submit a loan pre-qualification letter from a qualified mortgage professional as part of their lottery application submittal. The pre-qualification letter must include:

  • Name all adults aged 18 and older in the applicant’s Household
  • Be dated within 120 days of the applicant’s application
  • Contain a maximum loan amount
  • Include the lender-calculated household income

You are welcome to use a lender of your choosing. Please be sure they are knowledgeable loaning on BMR units. If you need a referral, you may contact one of the lenders listed below to assist you with pre-qualification:

Maria Pineda
NMLS ID: 1208990
Boston Private, an SVB company
M: 408.769.8245
F: 408.516.9499

Glenda Queensbury
Bayview Residential Mortgage
1777 Hamilton Ave., #1120 San Jose, CA
Mobile (408) 921-2257 Efax: (408) 715-0278

Yusuf Haschemi 
Non-Network Area Sales Manager, AVP | NMLS 335912 | 2527 Camino Ramon | San Ramon, CA 94583
T: 925-334-6074 | C: 510-329-9741 | F: 402-918-8577 | |

Please note, that the City encourages the lender to provide the closest estimation of the household income and maximum loan amount without processing a hard credit inquiry.

For a copy of the full marketing plan for these units, please visit this link.

All selected buyers MUST complete a first time homebuyer education class as a condition of closing. To learn more or register for a class, please visit this link.

All applications must be received by Friday April 8, 2022 by 5pm.