The City of Milpitas is made of several departments. Each department has specific duties and tasks that are important to the overall operation of the city. These departments provide essential day-to-day services to residents and businesses in the Milpitas community.

  • Responsible for implementation of safety and quality standards in construction, providing Inspection Services, Plan Checking, Building Administration and a Permit Center.

  • Provides general legal advice and services, prepares or approves ordinances, resolutions, agreements and amendments thereto and also represents the City in litigation.

  • Serves as the legislative administrator, elections official, and records manager for the City.

  • Provides the administration of City government and recommends strategies and solutions to issues for Council consideration.

  • Provides administration of the City’s Economic Strategic Plan. Economic Development is focused on improving the economic health of the City so that the revenue stream continues to grow.

  • Provides professional management and review of new facilities. The division’s functions include: Special (RDA) Projects, Design & Construction, Land Development, Traffic, Utilities and Solid Waste Services.

  • Provides management of the City’s financial operations. Finance is organized into four divisions; Administration, Accounting Services, Fiscal Services and Purchasing.

  • This department provides full response, preparedness, and prevention services. The response and preparedness division handles emergency incidents, safety, training, para-medicine compliance, and disaster preparedness functions. The fire prevention division handles fire plans and permits, hazardous materials regulation, inspections and investigations.

  • Provides recruitment, benefits administration, a self funded workers’ compensation program, labor negotiations, administration of memorandum of understanding with the various employee groups, employee relations, the safety program, compliance with State and Federal employment laws, training and maintenance of personnel systems and files.

  • Management of technology projects, the City’s technical architecture and infrastructure, providing automation support and training development, support of the City’s web site, Cable TV channel, AM radio station and public-access TV studio, implementation and support of security access systems and all automated data systems. Additionally, Information Services is responsible for the City’s public information function.

  • Reviews land development applications and environmental assessments, insures compliance and provides information on ordinances and policies, maintains the City’s general plan, specific plans and zoning ordinance, provides key Redevelopment Agency support, insures that residential, commercial and industrial properties are maintained in accordance with city regulations, operates programs for housing, neighborhood beautification, administers the Community Development Block Grant program, and oversees services provided by outside agencies such as fair housing and animal control.

  • Keeps the peace and prevents and controls crime. The Department’s nine functions include: Administration, Patrol, Traffic, Crossing Guards, Community Relations, Investigations, Communications, Records and Personnel and Training.

  • Provides maintenance of City infrastructure, vehicles, equipment, City buildings and facilities.

  • Recreation and Community Services

    Provides recreational opportunities, parks and facilities for all residents of Milpitas, while preserving and enhancing our city resources.