biz_map_californiaJune 2011

for the City of
Santa Clara County, California

Prepared by:
The Milpitas Chamber of Commerce


Based on the format established by the California Chamber of Commerce

1. Location:Milpitas, incorporated in January 1954, is located 45 miles south of San Francisco and 380 miles north of Los Angeles. The City of Milpitas is situated in Santa Clara County and at the north-east section of Silicon Valley. Milpitas is 14.5 square miles in area.

2. Economic Growth and Trends:

1970 1980 1990 2000 2010
Population in the County 1,064,741 1,295,071 1,497,577 1,692,933 1,890,909
Taxable Sales of Retail Stores – County 1,529,752 5,461,581 10,341,461 19,773,484 27,427,709
Population in City Limit 26,561 37,820 50,686 62,698 71,552
Taxable Sales of Retail Stores – City 14,242 100,358 302,583 917,651 1,270,513
Occupied Dwellings 6,620 11,336 14,099 16,996 19,153
School Enrollment, BR K-6 7,110 5,130 4,917 5,079 5,212

3. Climate:

Average Temperature Rain Humidity
Period Min. Mean Max. Inches 4am Noon 4pm
January 43.9 51.0 58.1 4.58 86 65 68
April 46.2 55.7 65.3 3.03 82 36 60
July 57.0 67.9 78.8 0.00 83 48 48
October 54.7 64.5 74.2 0.25 86 41 62
Year 50.2 59.8 69.1 16.67 84 48 62

Source: U. S. Weather Service
Elevation: 20 feet above sea level
Prevailing winds: NW directionMean Speed: 6.5 mph

4. Transportation:

Rail: Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) Light Rail passenger service with 99 active Light Rail in Fleet utilizing 62 Light Rail Stations. Union Pacific freight rail service, Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART), Caltrain commuter service, Amtrak national passenger rail service.

Truck: 65 interstate truck carriers and 400 radial contract carriers.

Air: Mineta San Jose International Airport (SJC: 5 miles from Milpitas City Hall), Oakland Airport (OAK: 30 miles), San Francisco International Airport (SFO: 35 miles). There are also smaller general aviation airports in Palo Alto (PAO) and San Jose (RHV).

Bus: Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority operates 75 regularly operating bus routes as of January 2011. There are many commuter-based services and connections to VTA light rail service and Caltrain stations. VTA also provides express bus service linking BART in Fremont.

Water: Port of Redwood City, San Francisco Bay and Port of Oakland are all within 40 miles.

Highways: Highway 237, 680, and 880 link Milpitas to the rest of the Silicon Valley.

5. Industrial Sites:There are about 1,467.45 acres in the city limits designated for various industrial uses; about 113.23 acres are vacant and available in parcels ranging in size from 3.34 acre to 35.05 acres: included in this total are 741.01 acres of industrial parks (113.23 acres vacant). Typical sales prices during 2010 range from $2,000,000 – $2,500,000 per acre ($80 sq. ft.). The terrain is level and drainage is good. Subsoil is clay. Site data compiled in cooperation with the City of Milpitas Planning Division and the Office of Economic Development.

6. Water Supply:

Name of Supplier: City of Milpitas: source is City of San Francisco Hetch-Hetchy System and the Santa Clara Valley Water District.

Maximum monthly consumption: 11.96 mg/d. Average consumption: 9.13 mg/d.

Cost per bimonthly: $1.77 per 100 cu. ft. (748 gallons) for first twenty units and $3.72 per 100 cu. ft. above the first twenty plus a flat charge based on meter size for all resident customers. All industrial, commercial institutional customers cost bimonthy is $4.04 per 100 cu. ft. plus a flat charge based on meter size. For irrigation customers, bimonthly cost is $4.62 per cu. ft. plus a flat charge based on meter size. Sizes of water mains range from 4 to 24 inches.

Water Connection Fees: $1,910 per single-family residence; $1,164 per dwelling unit for multi-family development $5.97 per gallon per day of estimated average daily water use for non-residential sites.

Total Length of water main: 209 miles.

7. Sewer Service:

Name of Supplier: City of Milpitas with treatment at San Jose-Santa Clara Water Pollution Plant.

Contractual capacity at sewer plant: 14.25 mg/d. Average discharge: 7.86 mg/d.

Residential : : $70.94 bimonthly per single-family dwelling. $50.68 bimonthly per apartment unit and multi-family dwelling. $31.18 bimonthly per mobile home.

Type of treatment plant : Tertiary.

Sewer Service Charge : Commercial/Industrial: $3.00 to $4.52 per 100 cu. ft. based on quality of effluent, plus $11.98 for each connection.

Sewer Connection Fees : $1,908 per single family dwelling unit. $1,406 per dwelling unit at multi-family dwelling department. $8.52 per gal. per day of estimated average daily waste water discharge for non-residential files. Sizes of sewer lines range from 6 to 36 inches.

Total length of sewer main : 175 miles.

8. Storm Drains & Flood Control:

Number of Pump Stations: 13. Length of Storm Drains: 107.9 miles.
Drainage Channel: 4.5 miles. Total Number of Manhole: 1,494.
Total Number of Catch Basins: 3,747.

9. Street Improvements:

Dedication Requirements: Develop or owner dedicates all easements and right of way necessary to serve the property.
Improvements Required: Developer or owner pays for street improvements including engineering and inspection fees; installs street widening improvements, including curb, gutter, sidewalk, matching pavement, street lighting, sewers, and storm drainage, street trees, water system extensions.
Total length of streets: 139 miles.

10. & 11. Natural Gas & Electric Power:

Name of Supplier: Pacific Gas & Electric Company
For rates applicable to the city of Milpitas, contact the supplier’s office at:
111 Almaden Boulevard, San Jose (800) 743-5000.
Power outage information & support: (800) 743-5002

12. Telephone:

Name of Supplier: AT&T
For rates and types of service applicable to Milpitas, contact the Business Office:
Commercial: 1-888-507-2253, Monday through Friday 8 am to 5 pm
Residential: 1-800-310-2355 Monday thru Friday 8am-6pm and Saturday 8:30am -5 pm


13. Government Facilities – Tax & Insurance Rates:

The City of Milpitas has a Council – Manager-form of government. The Milpitas City Council consists of five members (one Mayor and four Council Members) who are elected at large by the voters of Milpitas.

All property – residential, commercial, and industrial is appraised at full market value as it existed on March 1, 1975, with increases limited to a maximum of 2% annually. Property created or sold since March 1, 1975 will bear full cash value as of the time created or sold, plus the 2% annual increase. The basic tax rate is $1.00 per $100 appraised (real cash) value plus any taxes levied to cover bonded indebtedness for county, city, school, or other taxing agencies. Appraised valuations and tax rates are published annually after July 1.

  1. Assessed Valuation as of June 30, 2009: City Real Cash Value: $12,025,233,621 County: Real Cash Value: $306,313,549,479
  2. Combined total local property tax rates: In 2009-2010 per $100 assessed value. Code area 12-029, Total: 1.1029. City Bond Rate: $ , County: $0.0412 (Basic $1.00 county tax of which $0.19 goes to the City of Milpitas and RDA area $0.63)
  3. Retail sales tax: State 7%, County 0.25%, City 1%, County-wide Transit & Roads 0.5%, Valley Traffic Authority (VTA) 0.5%. Total 8.25%.
  4. Police Department: 86 Sworn Personnel with 55 Automobiles, 4 Trucks, Vans/RVs, and 10 motorcycles.
  5. Fire Department: 66 personnel assigned to staff 4 fire stations and the Bureau of Fire Prevention. 4 Engine companies and aerial tower constantly staffed. Mutual aid available with all neighboring cities.
  6. Fire Insurance Classification: City Rating: 3. Adjacent unincorporated area: 6 to 10. (Source: Insurance Service Office, San Francisco).


14. Santa Clara County Labor Market Area, 2010 (Areas includes Santa Clara County):

Estimated County Population: 1,880,876 Estimated County Total Employment: 797,800
Architectural & Engineering 12,300 Health Care & Social Assistance 78,100
Professional & Business Service 162,300 Information 43,900
Chemical Manufacturing 4,200 Leisure & Hospitality 74,300
Computer & Electronic Product Mfg. 104,400 Manufacturing 153,000
Construction 32,300 Professional , Scientific & Technical Services 105,800
Educational Services 33,300 Retail Trade 78,900
Electronic Computer Mfg. 34,100 Telecommunications 5,800
Financial Activities 30,800 Trade, Transportation & Utilities 125,300
Government 93,600 Wholesale Trade 35,100

15. Characteristics of the Labor Force:

Santa Clara County Employment and Unemployment
November 2009 November 2010
Labor Force 873,300 873,300
Employed 775,700 778,500
Unemployed 97,600 94,800
Unemployment Rate 11.2% 12.5%
     California Unemployment Rate 11.8% 12.0%
     U.S. Unemployment Rate 10.4% 9.5%
Consumer Price Index November 2009 November 2010
CPI – All Urban Consumers 216.3 218.8
CPI – Wage Clerical 212.0 214.8

Consumer Price Index Hotline (415) 625-2270

16. Population Ethnicity:

Milpitas has the highest population of ethnicities in Santa Clara County.
Asian 62.2%, Caucasian: 14.6%, Hispanic/Latino: 16.8%, Black or African American 2.9%


17. Manufacturing Employment:

Company Name Employment Products
Cisco Systems, Inc. 4,339 Internet Network Supplier
KLA-Tencor Corp. 2,000 Manufacturer of Semiconductors
Flextronics International 1,850 Contract Manufacturer of Electronic Components
LSI 1,320 Design and Manufacturer of Semiconductors
SanDisk Corp 1,200 Supplier of Flash Memory Data Storage Products
Linear Technology Corp 1,100 Manufacturer of Semiconductors
LifeScan, Inc. 8,00 Medical Device Company
JDS Uniphase Corp. 8,00 Manufacture Argon Lasers for Printers/Medical Applications
Headway Technologies, Inc. 400 Manufacturer of Disk Drive Heads
Devcon Construction, Inc. 330 Commercial Construction

18. Non-Manufacturing Employment:

Company Name Employment Products
Great Mall 3,500 Retail Outlet Center
Milpitas Unified School District 808 Education
Wal-Mart 297 Retail
City of Milpitas 382 City Government

19. Community Facilities:

Valley Health Center Milpitas is now open, located at 143 N. Main St. Milpitas has 30 Medical clinics and offices, 137 dentist clinics and offices, 4 Optometric offices, 21 Chiropractic offices, 3 Podiatrist offices, 10 Physical Therapy clinics and 7 Veterinary clinics. Nearby Hospitals: Regional Medical Center of San Jose (formerly Alexian Brothers Hospital) and Washington Hospitals (Fremont). Acute Care: Kaiser Permanente Medical offices and General Medical Clinic.

Nearby Universities: Stanford University (Palo Alto), University of Santa Clara, San Jose State University, National Hispanic University, Mission College (Santa Clara), Ohlone Community College (Fremont), San Jose City College, Evergreen Valley College (San Jose) and Heald College. Public Schools: 9 elementary, 2 middle schools, 2 high schools, 2 children centers, and an adult education program. Private schools: 4 elementary. 17 nursing/daycare facilities.

Ed Levin-Sandy Wool Park, two 18-hole regulation golf courses, 2 driving ranges, 1 theatre complex, Milpitas Municipal Sports Center, bowling alley, 1 miniature golf course, 3 racquetball complexes, 22 tennis courts, 2 lighted softball fields, 3 horseshoe pits, 4 handball courts and 13 soccer fields. 1 main library, 47 churches, 2 newspapers, 28 banks, 31 parks, 22 playgrounds. Milpitas Alliance for the Arts, recreation, teen and senior center programs.

20. Housing Availability, Prices and Rentals:

Average household income: $121,318; 16% over $75,000; 15% over $100,000.
Rental Price: $1,777 with 42% rental units.
Median Home price: $530,000 with 70% owner occupied.

21. Hotels: There are 8 full service hotels, 6 motels and 6 extended stay hotels.
22. Remarks:

Information for developers and their engineers regarding the City’s requirements, fees, etc., is available at or 455 E. Calaveras Blvd., Milpitas, CA 95035 or call (408) 586-3329.