Neighborhood Clean-Up Events for 2023 (Coming)


The City of Milpitas, together with Milpitas Sanitation, will continue holding Neighborhood Clean-Up Events to provide debris bins for residents who would like to dispose of large/bulky items. The events will be open to all Milpitas residents free of charge, with prior registration. Events from 2022 are over, however, Neighborhood Clean-Ups will begin again in mid-spring 2023.


To be placed on an email list to be notified of future Neighborhood Clean-Up events, contact


Information about future events is also released on social media: @CityofMilpitas on Facebook, NextDoor, @MilpitasCityGov on Twitter.


Have unwanted items piling up? Need to clear some space in your garage or backyard? Milpitas residents have several options to dispose of bulky items.

BULKY ITEM/ON CALL CLEAN-UP PROGRAM (for Single-Family Households)

Single-family residential customers in Milpitas are entitled to 4 FREE bulky item/clean ups in a rolling 12-month period (must be scheduled at least 8 weeks apart). This pick-up service works for 1 large item (such as a mattress, piece of furniture, or an appliance) or you can fill 2 1.5 cubic yard white bags for loose items.

Call Milpitas Sanitation at 408-988-4500 to set-up a convenient time, fill up your bulky bag (delivered by Milpitas Sanitation), and leave your item on the curb for pick up.

For large junk removal projects, you can rent a debris bin (Single Family Residential Rates – Milpitas Sanitation), fill it up, and schedule a pick-up from Milpitas Sanitation.

Visit Bulky Item/On Call Clean-up Program – Milpitas Sanitation for specifics and more information.

BULKY ITEM/ON CALL CLEAN-UP PROGRAM (for Multi-Family Complexes)

Multi-family residential complexes can arrange for a bulky item pick-up/clean up for a fee. All fees must be prepaid. For more information, visit:

Multi-Family Bulky Item/On Call Clean-up Program – Milpitas Sanitation

  • Goodwill (311 W Calaveras Blvd, Milpitas): Goodwill of Silicon Valley accepts a wide variety of items including clothing, housewares, shoes, books, jewelry, and electronics (working and non-working). They also accept printers, microwaves, vacuums, sellable furniture, small appliances, foreign currency, and baubles. Goodwill DOES NOT accept large appliances, large furniture, batteries, weapons, trash, liquids of any kind (paints, oils, alcohol, flammables, etc) or hazardous chemicals. *Due to COVID, please call to confirm hours and items accepted. Milpitas Store | Goodwill of Silicon Valley (