Milpitas Metro Specific Plan

As of early 2019, the City has undertaken an effort to update the TASP to enrich the scope and character of development in the Specific Plan.  The updated document is called the Milpitas Metro Specific Plan (MMSP). With leadership and expertise from the City’s consultant, Urban Field Studio and their partners, the City is updating goals and strategies to reflect current and future needs for the next 20 years in the Plan area.

The Milpitas Transit Area Specific Plan is a plan for the redevelopment of an approximately 437-acre area in the southern portion of the City that currently includes a number of industrial uses near the Great Mall shopping center. Based on City Council direction, the Draft Preferred Plan currently proposes redevelopment of this area with 7,109 dwelling units, 993,843 square feet of office space, 340 hotel rooms, and 287,075 square feet of retail space centered around the proposed Milpitas BART station and the VTA Light Rail system.

In 2008, Milpitas developed a vision for a vibrant neighborhood in an area that was primarily low-industrial buildings surrounding what would later be the Milpitas BART station. Over the last 12 years, much of that vision has become a reality, including the newly opened BART station, new housing, parks, a grocery store, and other shops under development.

If you have a comment or question about this project, please contact the staff project manager Kevin Riley.

Kevin Riley
Metro Plan Project Manager