City of Milpitas Fats, Oil, and Grease (FOG) Inspection Program

The goal of the FOG Control Program is to reduce the amount of FOG being discharged into the sanitary sewer.

Article V of the Milpitas Municipal Code gives the City authority to administer FOG inspections.

Inspections are unannounced and occur during business hours. Inspectors will ask to see documentation indicating the food service facility is managing its FOG correctly, will inspect indoor and outdoor areas, and review cleaning practices with staff. Upon completion, a written Inspection Report will be provided and, if needed, inspectors will conduct a follow-up inspection to verify that all violations are corrected. Uncorrected, repeated, and/or serious violations will result in escalated enforcement.

Grease Control Device Maintenance

Article VIII-2-5.30 of the Milpitas Municipal Code requires Grease Traps to be cleaned every 30 days and Grease interceptors to be cleaned every 90 days. Grease traps may be self-cleaned. If you choose to self-clean your grease trap follow the guidance in the How to Clean Your Grease Trap poster.

Dischargers shall maintain records on-site for a period of at least 3 years. Food service establishments shall maintain records showing the following related to all grease hauled off-site: date and time was material removed off site, volume removed, hauler name, truck license number, type of grease removed, and final destination of material collected. Record cleaning for grease traps should be provided on a maintenance log sheet.

Dish, Mop, and Wash Water

Local and state stormwater pollution prevention regulations require that only rainwater enter the storm drains. Storm drains flow untreated into local waterways. All facilities are required to put mop and wash water into the sanitary sewer, never into the storm drain. Wash water from washing activities may have soaps, toxic chemicals, heavy metals, oil, grease, and other pollutants which should never be put into a storm drain.

New Food Service Facilities

New and remodeled grease-producing facilities must fill out the Food Service Establishment Questionnaire and Grease Removal Device Certification with their Building Application.

If you have any questions you can email or call 408-586-2600.