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1. I am performing an Environmental Property Assessment. How can I review the Fire Department's files for compliance information?
2. How can I obtain a blank Hazardous Materials Business Plan?
3. My company will be opening a facility in Milpitas. What is the procedure my company should follow?
4. I am a homeowner and have, over the years, accumulated waste material such as waste oil, paint, swimming pool chemicals and drain cleaners. How can I dispose of this material?
5. What is non-point source pollution?
6. Am I required to complete a Hazardous Materials Business Plan?
7. Do I need a Hazardous Materials Business Plan or a Hazardous Material/Waste Registration Form?
8. Where do I submit my completed Hazardous Materials Business Plan or Hazardous Material/Waste Registration Form?
9. I plan to install a new piece of equipment in my facility. Do I need Fire Department's approval?