Earn Prizes by Participating in the Earth Month Challenges

To earn rewards, complete challenges and post pictures or comments with #MilpitasEarthDay2021 by April 30th.

There will be a total of four themes posted by the end of the month. Complete a challenge per theme to earn all the prizes!

*Rewards are limited in quantity. We reserve the right to substitute rewards

Go out and smell the Poppies

1) Visit a local park and take a picture of pollinators. 2) Take a picture of a NATIVE plant. 3) Plant a native pollinator-friendly flower! Share with #MilpitasEarthDay2021

Buy from Local Businesses

1) Make a trip to the farmer’s market. Post about your favorite local item to buy there. 2) Pick your favorite Milpitas business. Share pics & comments with #MilpitasEarthDay2021. 

Shopping locally helps reduce packaging and transportation waste, meaning less pollution and habitat loss. Support small businesses near you to help reduce your carbon footprint! 

To learn why it’s important to buy locally, check out: 

Help Pick-Up Litter

Help pick up litter for a cleaner neighborhood and healthier Earth! Post a picture of your experience and leave a comment with the hashtag #MilpitasEarthDay2021

Need supplies? The City of Milpitas has free litter pick-up kits for you. Contact milpitasrecycles@milpitas.gov to RSVP and come get a kit on Friday, April 23, from 12:30-3:30 pm at 1265 N. Milpitas Blvd. 

Check out the following resources about litter and pollution: 



Earthliness Through the Generations

Spread the importance of sustainability with your family and friends! 

1) What eco-cause is meaningful to you?  

2) What’s something sustainable you did with your peers? 

Pick a question & let us know with #MilpitasEarthDay2021.  

Check out the following resources on water conservation and eco-tipshttps://savewatermilpitas.org/  


Questions/Concerns? Contact us: milpitasrecycle@milpitas.gov