The District – Lot 3 Amendment: Site Development and Conditional Use Permit Amendment to modify a previously approved development by decreasing the total number of residential dwelling units from 423 to 357; reduce the total number of hotel rooms from 175 to 162; reduce the amount of retail space from 59,135 square feet to 25,179 square feet; decrease the size of the rooftop amenity deck from 49,240 square feet to 18,225 square feet; reduce the maximum height of the hotel building from 130 feet to 83 feet and the maximum height of the mixed-use building from 130 feet to 90 feet; remove private open space (exterior balconies) from 71 residential units; and modify the architectural design and layout of the overall project on two lots totaling 5.51-acres

CEQA:  A memorandum, prepared pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), describes the revised project is consistent with the Addendum to the Transit Area Specific Plan (TASP) Environmental Impact Report (FEIR), June 2008 (SCH#2006032091) approved by the City Council on November 17, 2015 (Resolution No. 8509) pursuant to Public Resources Code Section 21166 and CEQA Guidelines Section 15168 (Projects consistent with a Specific Plan). As a separate and independent basis, the project is also exempt from further environmental review in accordance with CEQA Guidelines Section 15182 (Projects Consistent with a Specific Plan) and Section 15183 (Projects Consistent with a Community Plan, General Plan or Zoning).

Project Location:  1320 McCandless Drive, Milpitas, CA 95035
Project Plans:  Preliminary Project Plans
CEQA Documents: The District Revised Addendum

Questions: In lieu of attending an in-person meeting to receive information and provide input on the proposed development project, Milpitas residents may submit comments or questions about this project via the Online Public Forum. You may submit comments or questions about this project to the City of Milpitas at the address below. Please write “Comment for The District – Lot 3” in the subject line. The deadline to submit comments is January 31, 2021.    The Milpitas Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on this item, and a public notice for that meeting will be posted separately.

Project Planner: Michael Fossati, Senior Planner
Applicant: Steven Bull, Lyon Living,, (925) 895-1681