PARK PLAYGROUNDS AND SPORTS COURTS: Effective immediately, all park playgrounds and sports courts are CLOSED indefinitely. Parks do remain open for passive activities such as walking, running, bird watching, or biking only. For more information on Park Maintenance contact the Public Works Department at (408) 586-2600.

POLICE DEPARTMENT LOBBY: Effective immediately, the Milpitas Police Department’s lobby will be temporarily closed for precautionary reasons. The Police Department will CONTINUE to provide services to our community and our officers will be out on patrol 24-hours a day keeping the community safe! If you have important business with the Police Department, such as requesting a copy of police report, a requirement to register, a requirement to pre-book before a court date, or have general questions; then please call (408) 586-2400 and our staff will help you make an appointment and address your questions, To make an online appointment please visit: 

BARBARA LEE SENIOR CENTER: The Senior Center is closed for all activities except for lunch program to-go meal pick up from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm in the Senior Center Community Room. Case Manager appointments are still available over the phone only. Any interruption to paid classes and/or trips will be refunded to the participant. We are not aware of any confirmed cases in the Center’s membership, staff or volunteers. To make your To-Go lunch reservations please call (408) 586-3413. To make your Case Manager appointment please call (408) 586-3405. If you have any questions please contact the Senior Center at (408) 586-3400 or check our website for updates.

MILPITAS TEEN CENTER: The Teen Center is closed for all activities. We are not aware of any confirmed cases in the Center’s membership, staff or volunteers. If you have any questions please contact the Teen Center Staff at (408) 586-3231 or visit our website for updates.

MILPITAS SPORTS CENTER: The Sports Center is closed for all activities. For members that have monthly or yearly packages, we will put your membership on-hold, effective Saturday, March 14. Your membership will be extended for time equivalent to the facility closure. We are not aware of any confirmed cases in the Center’s membership, staff or volunteers. If you have any questions please contact the Sports Center at (408) 586-3225 or visit our website for updates.

While we are closed, a deep clean of the Milpitas Community Center, Senior Center, Teen Center, and Sports Center will be conducted. We will be closed until further notice. However, the City is continually monitoring the situation and will provide updates to the community of any changes to this status.

Other Services and/or Operations Within the City:

  • Garbage and Recycling Services Update as of March 13th: Currently, collection services are NOT affected by the COVID-19. Note that collection vehicles may service your containers earlier or later than your usual time. Please keep your containers out from 6 a.m. – 6 p.m. on your regular collection day until they are serviced.Please check for any changes or revisions to this schedule. Contact our Customer Service Team at 408-988-4500 if you experience any service issues.
  • Library: The SCC Library Milpitas Branch located at 160 N. Main Street, Milpitas is closed. For updates visit Santa Clara County Library.
  • Please visit Santa Clara County Parks for Ed Levin County Park updates.

Milpitas Water is Safe from Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The City of Milpitas would like to reassure our community that the Virus has NO IMPACT on the safety of our drinking water.

The City purchases and distributes water from Valley Water treatment plants, as well as from San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC). Before making its way to your tap, your drinking water is treated and tested to ensure its safety. Valley Water and SFPUC are ensuring the water supplied to the City is of the highest possible quality meeting or exceeding all federal and state drinking water standards. To learn more about the City’s water quality check out