City Ventures Townhomes – 1752-1810 Houret Court

A Site Development Permit, Conditional Use Permit, Vesting Tentative Map, Density Bonus Permit, Tree Removal Permit, and Environmental Assessment to allow demolition of two industrial buildings, removal and replacement of 17 ordinance-size trees, and development of 56 townhome condominiums and 24 accessory dwelling units. The residential development will be comprised of eight multi-family buildings up to 48 feet in height (four stories), with 84 vehicle parking spaces and associated site improvements on a 1.92-acre site located in the Very High Density Mixed Use (MXD3) Zoning District at 1752-1810 Houret Court. The project is located within the Transit Area Specific Plan (TASP) area and submitted in accordance with California Senate Bill 330 (Housing Crisis Act of 2019). 

CEQA: The Project is exempt from further environmental review pursuant to California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Section 15195 (Residential Infill). As a separate and independent basis, the Project is also exempt from further environmental review pursuant to CEQA Guidelines Section 15168 (Program EIR), Section 15182 (Projects pursuant to a Specific Plan), and Section 15183 (Projects Consistent with a Community Plan or Zoning).

Project Location Map: 1752-1810 Houret Court

Project Plans: Project Plans and Environmental Memo

Questions: In lieu of attending an in-person meeting to receive information and provide input on the proposed development project, Milpitas residents may submit comments or questions about this project via the Online Public Forum. You may submit comments or questions about this project to the City of Milpitas at the address below. Please write “Comment for 1752-1810 Houret Court” in the subject line. The deadline to submit comments is April 22, 2022.    The Milpitas Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on this item on April 27, 2022, and a public notice for that meeting will be posted separately.

Contacts: Project Planner: Michael Fossati, Senior Planner,
Applicant: Samantha Hauser, Senior Vice President of Development,