When is a Permit required?

Building permits are required for new construction, remodeling and tenant Improvements, repairs, and changes of occupancy category for both Commercial and Residential projects. Construction plans and documents are reviewed for compliance with applicable State and local laws and regulations.

Mechanical permits are required for installation, reconstruction, replacement, or relocation of mechanical equipment, such as furnaces, air conditioning units, hoods, boilers, ductwork, and others.

Plumbing permits are required for installation, reconstruction, replacement, or relocation of plumbing fixtures such as sewer, water and gas lines, water heaters, sinks, water closets and others.

Electrical permits are required for the installation, reconstruction, replacement, or relocation of electrical equipment and electrical installations associated with other equipment, such as outlets, lighting fixtures, electrical wiring, electrical panels and services, signs and others.

In addition to the above listed permits, Special permits are required for such activities as Demolition, Occupancy Certifications, Installation of Signs, Mobile Homes, Pools and Spas. In some cases permits may be required from outside agencies such as Santa Clara Health Department, Water Pollution Control Plant, Bay Area Air Quality District, PG&E and others.

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