How do I get rid of miscellaneous large items?

Milpitas residents have a number of FREE options to dispose of bulky items:

  • Bulky Item Pick-Ups: Single-family residential customers in Milpitas are entitled up to 4 free bulky item/clean ups in a rolling 12-month period (must be scheduled at least 8 weeks apart). 
  • Zanker Voucher: Contact the City of Milpitas at (408) 586-3341 or to request a voucher that allows you to dispose of accepted bulky items at the Zanker Material Processing Facility at 675 Los Esteros Road in San Jose.
  • Neighborhood Clean-Ups: Contact the City of Milpitas by calling (408) 586-3341, e-mailing, or visiting our Large Item Pick-up & Clean-ups page to find out when and where upcoming neighborhood clean-ups will occur. Register for the clean-up date that works best for you.

For details and information on all of the bulky item disposal options, visit Milpitas Sanitation's Bulky Item and On Call Clean-up Program page.

Paid options include:

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