What is the Parent and Me Lesson?

Parent me is no longer drop in based and will be led by an instructor who will teach proper holds and begin immersing your child in the lesson to get them comfortable as they progress into tiny tots.

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1. What are the instructor ratios for the swim lessons?
2. What skills will my child learn from Tiny Tots and/or Learn-To-Swim?
3. What are the Advance Level Swim 4, 5, and 6?
4. What is the water temperature?
5. Are diapers or pull-ups allowed?
6. Is my child allowed to wear flotation devices?
7. Why has my child been in the same level multiple times?
8. How can I prevent my child from vomiting in the pool?
9. What happens if my swim lesson is canceled due to a vomit or fecal incident?
10. How early should I put sunscreen on my child? What are the outside showers for?
11. Why are bystanders not allowed to stand on the pool deck?
12. Why does my child have a different instructor today?
13. Where is the designated sitting area for parents/guardians/bystanders while waiting for a swim lesson?
14. Can I take photos of my child during swim lessons?
15. How long are the swim sessions and classes?
16. What is the Parent and Me Lesson?
17. Can my child wear a swim cap and goggles?
18. What is the proper swim attire?
19. Are daily check-ins mandatory?
20. Will I, as a parent, be allowed in the Youth Locker Rooms?
21. When will I be able to use the Family Changing Room?
22. Can parents enter the training pool?