What are the instructor ratios for the swim lessons?

Tiny Tots Group Lesson 1:4 Beginners/Advanced Group Lesson 1:8 Private 1:1.

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1. What are the instructor ratios for the swim lessons?
2. What skills will my child learn from Tiny Tots and/or Learn-To-Swim?
3. What are the Advance Level Swim 4, 5, and 6?
4. What is the water temperature?
5. Are diapers or pull-ups allowed?
6. Is my child allowed to wear flotation devices?
7. Why has my child been in the same level multiple times?
8. How can I prevent my child from vomiting in the pool?
9. What happens if my swim lesson is canceled due to a vomit or fecal incident?
10. How early should I put sunscreen on my child? What are the outside showers for?
11. Why are bystanders not allowed to stand on the pool deck?
12. Why does my child have a different instructor today?
13. Where is the designated sitting area for parents/guardians/bystanders while waiting for a swim lesson?
14. Can I take photos of my child during swim lessons?
15. How long are the swim sessions and classes?
16. What is the Parent and Me Lesson?
17. Can my child wear a swim cap and goggles?
18. What is the proper swim attire?
19. Are daily check-ins mandatory?
20. Will I, as a parent, be allowed in the Youth Locker Rooms?
21. When will I be able to use the Family Changing Room?
22. Can parents enter the training pool?