How can you get involved?

If you detect a compost odor call the Local Enforcement Agency (LEA) hotline at 408-793-6938 or fill out LEA's complaint form

For all other odors call Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD)'s toll free hotline 800-334-6367 (ODOR) or fill out BAAQMD's complaint form (these reports are shared with City Staff)

Odor Category WheelHelp Describe the Smell

Because there are multiple possible sources of odor, it is helpful if you can describe the odor you are smelling. Use our Odor Wheel to help accurately describe what you are smelling when you submit an odor complaint.

Does it smell like soap? Sulfur? Skunk? How does it feel on your nose? Sharp or pungent? Metallic or irritating? Each type of odor has a different cause. The more information you can give, the easier it will be for inspectors to track down the source.

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1. How can you get involved?
2. How does this study differ from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District's South Bay Odor Attribution Study?