What can I do to reduce my water bill?

Reducing the amount of outside irrigation is the most significant way to reduce the charges from your metered use. On average, 60% of the water used by a residence is used outdoors for irrigation, and watering your lawn is likely your single largest water use.

  • Making sure you have efficient fixtures in your home, including shower heads, toilets, and washing machines will also help you conserve water and lower your bill
  • In order to conserve water, consider:
    • Installing aerators on bathroom faucets (saves 1.2 gallons per day per person)
    • Washing only full loads of laundry (saves 15 to 45 gallons per load)
    • Turning off the water when brushing your teeth or shaving (saves 10 gallons per day per person)
    • Reducing shower time (could save 10 to 20 gallons per shower)
    • Fixing leaky toilets (saves 30 to 50 gallons per day per toilet)
    • Installing efficient WaterSense-labeled shower heads (saves 1.2 gallons per minute)
    • Installing efficient WaterSense-labeled toilets (saves 19 gallons per day)

The City worked with Valley Water to provide landscape rebates and supplies to help you save water. Free water-saving devices are available at Valley Water's Online Shopping Cart. Learn more about rebates available and tips at the Save Water Milpitas website.

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