What are the street sweeping guidelines?
  • Keep cars off street from 7 am to 5 pm on sweeping day. Regular sweeping removes the dirt and pollutants that accumulates on streets. Vehicles parked on the street block curb access and eventually allow debris to enter the storm drain, local creeks and the San Francisco Bay. Thanks for doing your part to keep our streets and Bay clean year round!
  • Use your green yard trims cart for large amounts of organic material such as leaves, branches, plants and grass clippings. The sweeper can only remove piles less than 3 inches tall and 12 inches wide.
  • Fall/Winter Leaf Clean-up: Fall is a beautiful time of year - until all the leaves drop from the trees! Set out leaves and branches in your Yard Trimmings Recycling Program cart every week to keep these materials out of storm drains. In targeted neighborhoods, streets are swept once a week during the months of November and December. You will receive notification from the City of Milpitas if you live in one of these neighborhoods.

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1. What is the street sweeping schedule?
2. What are the street sweeping guidelines?
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