What do I need to do?

By January 1, 2022, every business, household, and commercial property (both existing and new) in California will need to subscribe to organic waste (both food scraps and yard trimmings) collection in addition to garbage and recycling. Single-family homes in Milpitas are already compliant due to the split cart system. Businesses, including multi-family dwellings, will need to subscribe to food waste collection. Contact Milpitas Sanitation (MSI) at 408-988-4500 to set up services.

If your business generates a lot of food waste (such as a grocery store, food warehouse, or large restaurant), you may be considered a Commercial Edible Food Generator and are required to set up a food donation program with a local food recovery organization. To find out more information about the edible food recovery portion of SB 1383, along with Santa Clara County's specific efforts, visit the Santa Clara County Food Recovery Program page.

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1. Why divert waste?
2. Who is impacted and how can you comply with the new law?
3. What counts as organic?
4. What goes in the green yard trimmings cart/bin?
5. What goes in the food scraps compartment (residences) or dedicated food scraps cart/bin (for businesses/multi-family complexes)?
6. What do I need to do?
7. What happens if I choose not to participate and do not subscribe to food waste collection?
8. I need help to determine how/if my service is adequate. Who do I contact?
9. I am a business that regularly deals with food. Do I have to donate my edible food?
10. I need more information. Where can I learn more about SB 1383?
11. I have questions, is there someone that I can contact in the City of Milpitas?