What counts as organic?

Organic waste includes yard trimmings, food scraps, paper, and cardboard.

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1. Why divert waste?
2. Who is impacted and how can you comply with the new law?
3. What counts as organic?
4. What goes in the green yard trimmings cart/bin?
5. What goes in the food scraps compartment (residences) or dedicated food scraps cart/bin (for businesses/multi-family complexes)?
6. What do I need to do?
7. What happens if I choose not to participate and do not subscribe to food waste collection?
8. I need help to determine how/if my service is adequate. Who do I contact?
9. I am a business that regularly deals with food. Do I have to donate my edible food?
10. I need more information. Where can I learn more about SB 1383?
11. I have questions, is there someone that I can contact in the City of Milpitas?