My company will be opening a facility in Milpitas. What is the procedure my company should follow?

When filing for a City of Milpitas Business License, you will be required to complete a Milpitas Fire Department Fire Permit Application. If you indicate that your company uses or stores hazardous materials, a Fire Code permit for Hazardous Materials will be issued to your company.

If you plan on modifying building structures, approval must be obtained from the Building Inspection Division prior to performing any modifications. Depending upon the quantity and how hazardous materials are used and stored, approval from the Hazardous Materials and Environmental Services Unit may be required. To increase the opportunity for the plans to be approved with minimal revisions, it is best if you contract with an architect or contractor who has experience in hazardous materials operations particularly if your project involves structural changes to the building, due to the quantity of hazardous materials in storage or in use, or the installation of process equipment.

Please reference the Construction Permitting, Inspections, and Fees page for further information.

As a service to the business community, the Fire Department provides free pre-submittal consultations. Although the Fire Department will not design a storage system or process, the Fire Department will attempt to assist you as much as possible to make the plan submittal process as painless, uncomplicated, and confusion-free as possible.

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