Storm Information & Resources

Before the Storm

  • If you live in a burn scar area and are concerned that this storm may cause unsafe conditions to your home, leave the area before rain starts. Do not wait for an official evacuation notification to leave.
  • Information about sandbags and protecting your home from flooding can be found below
  • Secure outdoor furniture, umbrellas, and loose items that could create hazards during strong winds.
  • Charge cell phones, flashlight batteries, hot spot Internet devices and other items should the power go out.

During the Storm

  • If you feel unsafe during the storm, shelter in place in your home by gathering your family and pets in the innermost room of your house, preferably on the top floor if you live in a multi-story home.
  • Do not attempt to drive at night or while it is raining, as roads may be damaged and your car may be swept away by moving water or debris.
  • Click here for additional power outage safety tips.

After the Storm

  • Following a storm, roads may be impacted and immediate access in or out of the area cannot be guaranteed.
  • Crews will clear roads of standing water, mud and rockslides when it is safe to do so.
  • Stay away from downed power lines.
  • Residents must be prepared to stay in or away from their home for multiple days during and after rain events. See below for what should go in your home or car emergency kit.
  • Food safety tips during a power outage
  • Additional severe weather safety tips

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