Water & Sewer Information

Fairly Pricing Drinking Water, Recycled Water & Wastewater Service

Over 77,000 people rely on the City of Milpitas' drinking water, recycled water and sewer systems daily, using them for everyday tasks like cooking, bathing, and keeping their families healthy. The City is dedicated to supplying our community with high-quality and reliable water and sewer service.

The City follows best practices and hires independent financial consultants to evaluate the infrastructure, operations and maintenance needs for our drinking water, recycled water and sewer systems. This includes ensuring adequate reserve funds for the service provided by other regional utility agencies and accounting for inflation and how it impacts our budgets.

In 2022, we retained Raftelis to evaluate these factors and recommend rate adjustments for five years which are equitable to customers while ensuring the utilities remain financially healthy. The Raftelis studies demonstrated rate adjustments are necessary to fund more than $91 million in critical capital, operational, and maintenance costs to keep the City's utility infrastructure functioning well and in compliance with ever-stricter water quality, discharge and environmental regulations. Raftelis ensures adequate reserve funds and the impacts of inflation are included in their analysis.

The proposed rates are adjusted to be fair and equitable and reflect the characteristics of each customer classification. Together, the proposed rates are structured to proportionally recover the cost of providing drinking water, recycled water or sewer service among our various customer classifications. For the average single-family residential customer account, sewer rates are proposed to increase 4% and drinking water rates 6.4% each year on July 1 from July 1 2023 through and including July 1, 2027.

For More Information

For specific information about the proposed recycled water and drinking water and sewer rate adjustments visit the Sewer Rate Information and Water Rate information pages or see the official notice mailed to every property owner who receives service from the City of Milpitas.

The Proposition 218 Notice is also available in Spanish, Tagalog, and Vietnamese languages.

We are here to help! Call or email Milpitas Public Works for more information.

  1. What Adjusted Rates Will Fund

Thousands of customers rely on the City of Milpitas' sewer and water systems every day. While they might seem functional now, as infrastructure ages, there is a higher probability for leaks and failures which threaten the reliability of both our sewer and water systems. The proposed rate increases will help us maintain our critical infrastructure and continue providing our community with safe and reliable services every day.

The proposed drinking water rate increase will allow us to:

  • Collect adequate revenue to make payments for wholesale water purchases from Valley Water and San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.
  • Replace or rehabilitate infrastructure such as aging pipelines, water tanks and pump stations
  • Replace pipelines to improve the water system's flow, ultimately helping with fire suppression

The proposed sewer rate increases will allow us to:

  • Keep up with current and projected costs for operations and maintenance, ensuring we provide reliable service
  • Improve our infrastructure and update aging infrastructure that is no longer be useful
  • Cover our share of the San Jose Regional Wastewater Facility's operations to ensure high quality wastewater treatment to prevent pollution in our environment
  1. Outcomes if New Rates Not Approved
  1. When New Rates Will Take Effect
  1. Water & Sewer Master Plans
  1. Profits From Water / Wastewater Rates
  1. Complying with California Law & Protest Process