Backflow Prevention

The City of Milpitas is committed to protecting the public water distribution system from contamination or pollution due to the backflow or back-siphonage of water service connections. Milpitas implements and enforces a backflow prevention and cross-connection control program as required by City Municipal Code (Title 17, Chapter V of California Code of regulations relating to Cross-Connection).

The public water distribution system is protected by the control of actual or potential cross-connections through two basic programs:

  1. By promoting the elimination of existing or future cross-connections through inspection and regulation of plumbing and water piping within a customer's premises, Public Water System or between them
  2. Through proper installation and maintenance of backflow preventers on services to premises where actual or potential cross-connections exist to prevent backflow or back siphonage of contaminants or pollutants from the customer's premises into the Public Water System

Annual Backflow Testing

The state of California requires backflow devices be tested for proper operation annually. Milpitas notifies owners of testing requirements each year; a list of certified testers acceptable to the state is included with the notice. Failure to correct any deficiencies and demonstrate passing results is cause for a potential cross-connections and may result in termination of water services. Our request is in compliance with City's Ordinance Number 232 Milpitas Municipal Code VIII-3-3.01 which states Service of water to any premises shall be discontinued by the City if a device required by this Chapter is not installed, tested and maintained, or if it is found that a device has been removed, by-passes, or if any unprotected cross-connection exists on the premises.