Facilities & Fleet Maintenance

Facility Maintenance

The Facilities Division maintains over 450,000 square feet of City buildings and grounds, including building systems (plumbing, electrical, heating, air conditioning, ventilation, and backup power); sets up rooms for rental groups and meetings; and provides custodial services. In addition, the Facilities Division maintains Sports Center swimming pools.  

Fleet Maintenance

The Fleet Maintenance Division is an Internal Service Fund (ISF) that supports the vehicle and mobile equipment needs of all City departments and divisions. The Division provides maintenance and repair services for City vehicles and equipment but does not own or manage that equipment. Fleet Maintenance maintains and repairs nearly 600 City vehicles and equipment. Centralization of the fleet under a single support division allows all equipment users to benefit from the availability of pooled equipment, effective preventive maintenance, and professional management of the fleet.

The Fleet Maintenance Staff is responsible for implementing and monitoring a preventative maintenance program to assure cost-effective maintenance. They are also responsible for maintaining a complete inventory system by recording of all expenditures on all vehicles, equipment, fuel, and supplies.


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