Construction & Inspection 


Requests for construction inspections can be placed via the Fire Department's inspection request line at 408-586-3380 or online. 

When scheduling an inspection, please provide the following information:

  • Job address
  • Type of inspection
  • On-site contact person's name
  • Contact phone number or pager
  • Permit number

Inspections are conducted Monday through Friday. To cancel an inspection, call 408-586-3365, a minimum of 24 hour notice is required to avoid a cancellation fee. 

Fire Department Required Inspections

‘Conditions’ of approval list requirements from the Fire Department, including necessary inspections. All requirements and inspections must be completed prior to receiving final approval (permit sign-off) from the Fire department. Schedule inspections by calling 408-586-3380. 

After-hour Inspections 

"After-hour" inspections shall mean a task, requested by the client, to be performed before 7 am and after 5 pm. Monday through Friday. After hours inspections may be requested and are dependent on staff availability. 

After hour inspections are charged per the fees specified in the Fire Department's fee schedule.