Capital Improvement Program

Annually, the City of Milpitas City Council approves a five-year Capital Improvement Program (CIP). The CIP is a comprehensive planning tool for the construction, replacement, and repair of City infrastructure reflective of Council priorities and policies to ensure that the needs of a livable community are appropriately and prudently met.

Specifically, this document identifies priorities, schedules, estimated costs, funding sources and financing methods necessary for delivering critical projects to the Milpitas community. Funding for projects is provided in the first year of the CIP and would be used for the design and construction of new capital assets including streets, parks, and other public facilities, and for repairs and replacements of aging infrastructure.

The completion of the annual five-year Capital Improvement Program is led by the Engineering Department with support from the Finance Department. New Capital Project requests submitted by City Departments are reviewed, prioritized, and ranked for conformance with Council budget priorities, available funding, and staff resources. Criteria used for project ranking include immediate health and safety concerns; grant funding timelines; Council referrals; changes for operating efficiency; legal mandates; alignment with Council priorities; managing department resources; project schedule; funding source alignment; and impact to operating budget.

The CIP document provides readers with as planned cost estimates, schedules, and methods of financing for City Capital projects over a five-year period. The document is arranged into six categories where projects are grouped according to type of projects: Community Improvement, Park Improvement, Street Improvement, Water, Sewer, and Storm Drain Improvement.

For more information on the City’s Capital Improvement Program, contact the Engineering Department CIP Manager via phone at 408-586-3303.

View the 2024-2028 Capital Improvement Program Annual Report (PDF).

View Archived CIP Annual Reports

Front Cover Graphic of Capital Improvement Plan