Open Government

Open Government Ordinance

Milpitas City Council adopted the Open Government ordinance in 2005, and it has subsequently been amended several times, notably in 2009. You may read the current regulations regarding open government in the published Milpitas Municipal Code, Title I, Chapter 310, Sections 1 – 4.

View the City’s Open Government Ordinance

Lobbyist Information

On January 1, 2007, the requirement under the City’s Open Government ordinance for lobbyists to register with the City Clerk went into effect. A three-page form must be completed by any lobbyist who communicates with City officials or employees to influence City legislation, administrative decisions or City Council elections or local initiatives (per Ordinance No. 262.1). Government agency employees are excluded from this requirement.

The City Council of the City of Milpitas does ordain as follows:

Milpitas Municipal Code Section I 310-3.10

(d) “Lobbyist” means a person or business entity that receives $250 or more in a calendar year for communicating, using any means, with City officials or employees to influence current or future City legislation, administrative decisions, or City Council elections or local initiative measures. Officials or employees of other government agencies shall not be deemed lobbyists for purposes of this ordinance when communicating with City officials or employees on behalf of such other government agency.

You can view the Lobbyist Registration Form (PDF) here.